How can I

Participants must send us a video of a total duration: 25 minutes (min) – 35 minutes (max) no later than 31/01/2021.

The first 3-5 minutes (max) should state: name – surname, country, kind of massage, treatment goal, products, creams, oils, essential oils or tools he will use, a brief explanation of what he will present to us in the video and…


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Online International Massage Championship 2020/21!

Apply now! Extended till 31th Jan!

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Get great rewards!

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Promote yourself by participating in an Official Online Global Massage Competition!

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If you want to participate in the online INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP 2020/2021 you can be registrate and in the same registration form to send us your participate videos with the YouTube link!

The registration expiration date has been extended till 31th Jan. 2021 the latest!

The cost for your 1st participation video is 35 euros and for every second in the same ”grouped category” is 20 euros.

  1. WESTERN INSPIRED Including: Swedish massage, classical massage, relaxing anti stress massage, sports massage-stretching & body work, MFR, MET, neuromuscular techniques, deep tissue massage, free style from western inspired massages with or without tools, etc.
  2. ASIAN INSPIRED Including: Thai massage, Thai Yoga, Gua Sha (for body), Tui Na, Tok Sen, Lomi-lomi nui, Ayurveda, Chinese, Japanese, bamboo massage, Sound therapy, Acupressure cupping, Shiatsu, Reflexology massage, free style from Asian inspired massages, with or without tools, etc.
  3. WELLNESS-SPA & FACIAL Including: Hot or Cold Stones, 4 Hands massage, Aromatherapy, spa massage, lymph drainage, holistic massage, chocolate massage, Anticellulite massage, with or with out tools, etc & all facial massage therapies, with or with out tools, and also Gua-Sha for facial.
  5. BEGINNERS – STUDENTS Category for all new masseurs, students and amateurs! In this category the participants can present a session of any kind of massage!


The final categories can be more:The above grouped categories will be configured in relation to the type of massage depending on the number of participants in each type. In any case, the above initial categories will be divided into any type of massage that has a large participation while on the contrary any type of massage will not have a large number of participations will remain in the initial grouped categories as presented above.

The limit of the participants number is 20 for each kind of massage!!!