How can I participate?

Participants must send us a video of a total duration: 25 minutes (min) – 35 minutes (max) no later than 31/01/2021.

The first 3-5 minutes (max) should state: name – surname, country, kind of massage, treatment goal, products, creams, oils, essential oils or tools he will use, a brief explanation of what he will present to us in the video and any explanation that he deems appropriate for the best evaluation of his work by the jury, and communication with the recipient, in your Language or in English (if your language is not English you must write also in text on registration). In the continuation of the video, the plan must be completed until the end of the treatment without montage! The image quality of the video, any focused shots – zooming (without interruption), shooting angles, adequate lighting, etc. is responsible and diligent of the participants.

The video should be accompanied by the appropriate music that the contestant will choose for his program.

Also, the contestant bears the sole responsibility for the observance of the transmission protection protocols of the covid-19 virus! Please note that the non-use of a mask is acceptable only if the receiver and the camera user (if any) are a member of the participant’s family and live in the same house, none of the above is a vulnerable group, has no precautionary isolation recommendation and has not been diagnosed as a carrier!

The non-use of a mask is a condition and acceptance of the above!

The operating cost of each video entry will be covered by the participants with an extraordinary subscription of 35 euros. For every second video in the same ”grouped category” is 20 euros.

All participants can participate multiple times with 1 video for each type of massage and 2 videos maximum in each grouped category as they are presented on the pages “CATEGORIES & RULES’’.

The participating massage therapists when filling in the participation form and sending the corresponding amount of the extraordinary subscription are invited to accept the conditions of participation described in this text and to choose if they wish to be published by the organizer the full video as they will send

The recipient of the massage must wear underwear at all times and have covered their chest (if she is a woman). General the receivers must be covered.

The Hellenic Scientific Association of Alternative Therapies, Massage & Exercise reserves the right to:

  1. The use of excerpts (not more than 5 minutes from the total duration of the video) as well as photos from the videos of all participants for marketing promotions of the event and promotion of the participants.
  2. The access of the videotaped material by the judges is given only by its owners and only for the purposes of its evaluation. By accepting the organizer’s invitation, the judges are committed to the confidentiality and non-publication of all videos to which they will have access for the sole purpose of evaluation.
  3. The publication of the list of winners with their score up to the first 10 places from each category.