The event is being organized by the Hellenic Scientific Association of Alternative Therapies, Massage and Exercise. EEFETHMA is a recognized Pan-Hellenic scientific non-profit organization aiming to promote alternative therapies, massage and exercise, to professional therapists and to communicate their beneficial effects to humans in both prevention and treatment.

The Hellenic Scientific Association of Alternative Therapies, Massage & Exercise announces the holding of the International Massage Championship online 2020/21.

Due to the restrictions of covid-19, we decided this year to hold the official (recognized national championship by the International Massage Association) Panhellenic Massage Championship 2020/21 online, as well as the big international online massage championship with the participation of the best massage therapists from all the countries of the world.

    Including: Swedish massage, classical massage, relaxing anti stress massage, sports massage-stretching & body work, MFR, MET, neuromuscular techniques, deep tissue massage, free style from western inspired massages with or without tools, etc.
    Including: Thai massage, Thai Yoga, Gua Sha (for body), Tui Na, Tok Sen, Lomi-lomi nui, Ayurveda, Chinese, Japanese, bamboo massage, Sound therapy, Acupressure cupping, Shiatsu, Reflexology massage, free style from Asian inspired massages, with or without tools, etc.
    Including: Hot or Cold Stones, 4 Hands massage, Aromatherapy, spa massage, lymph drainage, holistic massage, chocolate massage, Anticellulite massage, with or with out tools, etc & all facial massage therapies, with or with out tools, and also Gua-Sha for facial.
    Category for all new masseurs, students and amateurs! In this category the participants can present a session of any kind of massage!


The final categories can be more:

The above grouped categories will be configured in relation to the type of massage depending on the number of participants in each type. In any case, the above initial categories will be divided into any type of massage that has a large participation while on the contrary any type of massage will not have a large number of participations will remain in the initial grouped categories as presented above.

The limit of the participants number is 20 for each kind of massage!!!


How can I participate?

Participants must send us a video of a total duration: 25 minutes (min) – 35 minutes (max) no later than 31/01/2021.

The first 3-5 minutes (max) should state: name – surname, country, kind of massage, treatment goal, products, creams, oils, essential oils or tools he will use, a brief explanation of what he will present to us in the video and any explanation that he deems appropriate for the best evaluation of his work by the jury, and communication with the recipient, in your Language or in English (if your language is not English you must write also in text on registration). In the continuation of the video, the plan must be completed until the end of the treatment without montage! The image quality of the video, any focused shots – zooming (without interruption), shooting angles, adequate lighting, etc. is responsible and diligent of the participants.

The video should be accompanied by the appropriate music that the contestant will choose for his program.

Also, the contestant bears the sole responsibility for the observance of the transmission protection protocols of the covid-19 virus! Please note that the non-use of a mask is acceptable only if the receiver and the camera user (if any) are a member of the participant’s family and live in the same house, none of the above is a vulnerable group, has no precautionary isolation recommendation and has not been diagnosed as a carrier!

The non-use of a mask is a condition and acceptance of the above!

The operating cost of each video entry will be covered by the participants with an extraordinary subscription of 35 euros. For every second video in the same ”grouped category” is 20 euros.

All participants can participate multiple times with 1 video for each type of massage and 2 videos maximum in each grouped category as they are presented on the pages “CATEGORIES & RULES’’.

The participating massage therapists when filling in the participation form and sending the corresponding amount of the extraordinary subscription are invited to accept the conditions of participation described in this text and to choose if they wish to be published by the organizer the full video as they will send

The recipient of the massage must wear underwear at all times and have covered their chest (if she is a woman). General the receivers must be covered.

The Hellenic Scientific Association of Alternative Therapies, Massage & Exercise reserves the right to:

  1. The use of excerpts (not more than 5 minutes from the total duration of the video) as well as photos from the videos of all participants for marketing promotions of the event and promotion of the participants.
  2. The access of the videotaped material by the judges is given only by its owners and only for the purposes of its evaluation. By accepting the organizer’s invitation, the judges are committed to the confidentiality and non-publication of all videos to which they will have access for the sole purpose of evaluation.
  3. The publication of the list of winners with their score up to the first 10 places from each category.



How do I register?
A. Select the grouped category based on the type of massage for each of your videos. You can send up to 2 videos maximum in each grouped category as long as the 2nd video is a different type of massage! You can also send from 2 videos maximum in all grouped categories: For example, 2 videos in the Western inspired category, 2 videos in the Asian inspired category, 2 videos in the Wellness-Spa & Face category, and 1 videos in the Chair massage category. Total 7 videos maximum.
New therapists and students can only participate in the category “BEGINNERS – STUDENTS” with one video!
The winner of BEGINNERS – STUDENTS category can’t contest in the final of overall winner. Also, the category participate normally in Special mentions awards and the ‘’Audience Award’’ for the most likely video medal.


2. Open the picture of the ‘’INTERNATIONAL MASSAGE CHAMPIONSHIP 2020->


3. Mark one category (Select Categories) ->

4.Write the type of massage -> write the type of massage again if you don’t have the link of your video ready -> APPLY NOW
(If you have ready the link of your video put it there by copy – paste -> APPLY NOW)

5. Click to ‘’CHECKOUT’’ ->

6. write your details ->

7. Choose whether to send your 5 minutes. promotional video -> Choose whether your videos will be published in full or not -> We ask you to say a few words about yourself

8. Choose payment -> Agreement with terms and conditions -> PLACE ORDER (for cards)

8. Choose payment -> Agreement with terms and conditions -> PROCEED TO PAYPAL (for PayPal)

How do I send my videos?

The easiest, fastest and most recommended method by us is YouTube!
All you have to do is create a YouTube account and upload your video in no time! You specify whether you want it to be public or not and you simply copy the link and send it to us (copy-paste) when you register in the corresponding field:
“YouTube link: _________________”
In case you have chosen your video not to be public, we will send you the e-mails of the judges so that you can enter them in the access settings for your video so that it is visible to them!
In your registration If you don’t have the link of your video ready when you uploaded in YouTube send to us the link by email.
The organizing authority reserves the right to publish excerpts from your video for advertising and promotional purposes of your participation and the tournament. However, each contestant can send us to our e-mail: online.i.m.championship@gmail.com , the 5 minute promotional video of each contestant video with the best scenes that he will have selected and edited! (Download methods: We Transfer, Google Drive, or Dropbox)
This video should be sent unpublished and will be invested by us with the logos, the introductory video and the music label of the event, name and country of therapist and will be viewed from the event’s YouTube account, all the rights and use belong to the organizer and the participants agree with that at the registration!
The submission of the edited 5 minute video by the contestants is not mandatory and is not a prerequisite for participation. However in this case the event will show a five minute of the total video without any responsibility for selecting scenes! All the rights and use belong to the organizer and the participants agree with that at the registration! The promotional videos will all be shown and will be available to participants for sharing. Those entries who are not winners with a medal will participate in the “Audience Award” with the “Likes” they will collect in YouTube!


The focus is on the Communication, feedback –presentation-draping, “flow”, the concentration, the technical skill of the therapist, the massage techniques to be used, the ergonomics, the innovation, the approach to the achievement of the original goal, and the overall performance – are judged by expert and very experienced judges in each category.

With a point system, each judge will evaluate the participants in the field of their expertise in close collaboration with other judges.

No judge can judge any participant from his country!

Scores with the personal comments from all judges will be announced to each participant privately!

There are 5 different fields:

  1. Communication – feedback – presentation-draping: 15 points
  2. communication & feedback ( self and treatment presentation)

The participant is evaluated for his communication & feedback with the receiver.

That is how he will welcome the receiver, how he will make him lie down on the massage bed, how he will explain to the others (judges, viewers) what he wants to achieve in this session.

  1. presentation (draping, camera, light)

The participant is evaluated for

– the presentation of the work place, the massage table and the back round of the  session.

-How the massage therapist  is dressed and if he has taken care of himself.

-if the massage therapist take care of the receiver and makes him feel comfortable. How he use the towels for example, without to expose him. Is important the correct covering of receivers.

– how the massage therapist helps the others (judges, viewers) to understand his work. With the correct camera position and the light

  1. technique: 25points

In this field the participant is evaluated for his technical skills.

That means:

-innate or acquired talent in the movement of the therapist’s hands when performing a massage technique

-body position of the massage therapist . how he use his body

  1. flow (& concentration): 25 points

“Flow” means a continuous and harmonious movement without interruption of the hands, body and techniques performed by the therapist.

In this field the participant is evaluated for his general image.

The concentration, the rhythm of his movements, the ergonomics*, how to perform the session and the overall performance

  1. innovation: 25 points

-In this field the participant is evaluated for new proposals and innovative approaches related to the art of massage.

– different massage techniques, Innovative and effective techniques and methods

  1. goal meet: 10 points

In this field the participant is evaluated on whether he achieved his goal.

How to approach the achievement of the initial goal.

If what he contact us at the beginning of the session is the same as we saw.

For example: at the begging he described us an relaxed massage and during the session we saw a sport massage.

*Ergonomics: How therapists use their own body (work environment) and their treatments (massage tables, etc.)


International recognizability!

Get great rewards!

Certificate of participation!

Be part of our global team!

Promote yourself by participating in an Official Online Global Massage Competition!

Represent your country and participate among the bests massage therapists of the world!

5 minutes promo video with the best moments of your participation, with thousand views of our YouTube channel, our website and our Facebook page!

  • The company “Orthopedic World Kyfidis” offers a 15% discount on all its products for all participants for ordering from the website or buying from the store!
  • HABYS gives as prizes 3 gifts to 3 winners:

1st Prize: Folding Habys Physiotherapy and Massage Table.  Panda Elegance model!

2nd place prize: Mobile Matt!

3th prize: Half roller for massage – 60x40x20!

Total worth: 334.67€!!!

  • One free participation to the official European Massage Championship 2021!

For the top winner of all categories of the International Massage Championship 2020 online!

The award is offering of New M. A. organizer of the European Massage Championship 2021!

  • One free participation to the official Romanian Massage Championship 2021!
  • One free participation to the official Serbian Massage Championship 2021 at 29-30 May on city Indjia-Serbia!
  • One of the luxurious Himalayan Salt Stone set, worth 200 euros signed by Lavinia Kahuna!
  • One of the winners will receive a prize as a gift 1 original set VAcuslim48 (the value of the set is 380 euros)!
  • Also of the same award sponsor one of the winners will receive a prize as a gift 1 professional inarie massage tool!
  • The I.M.A.S. (International Massage Academy of Switzerland) and its CEO Director, Dr. Marey El Hamuly, offer 2 workshops worth over € 500 to 2 winners!
  • Three 3 free video classes of Anna Baroni School as prize gifts to 3 of our winners!
  • The European Massage Association Offers 2 access to demonstrations on the World Massage Day ‘21!
  • The Future Technologies company of functional foods offers one package of various products to a winner!
  • The BioLEON gives as prizes gift 2 packages with professional products for massage therapists, worth 85 euros each, for 2 winners!
  • The company #starbaths offers 2 prize gifts to 2 winners:

1st STAR MASSAGE & RELAX FOR 2: Alternative massage treatment for 2 people at the same time, all over the body (back side) for 45 minutes with Indian head and Swedish Back Massage. During the 15-minute wait for the preparation of the jacuzzi (for reasons of hygiene) you are offered a free soft drink, always accompanied by a panoramic view!Finally follows and completes the program with a FREE 30min ‘herbal thermal bath (in jacuzzi) with products of #SamanDust – Converter (herbal liquid bath salts). Duration: 1 hour & 30 minutes!

2nd BUBBLE TENT NIGHT EXPERIENCE: 2-hour stay inside Star Bubble Tent for 2 people. Free wine with fruits and nuts is offered as well as use of jacuzzi with #SamanDust – Converter herbal liquid bath salts. Duration: 2 hours!

  • One free ticket for the thermotherapy fire system course 🔥 by Daniela Caracciuolo at 2021 in Greece!
  • The company ” Jannis ” offers 3 packages with its products to the winners!
  • One ticket free participation to the International

Massage Festival in Sardinia – Italy at November 2021 for the winner of the online Greek Massage Championship 2020!

  • Participation 5 minute video with the logos and the official clip of the championship, for each participant. The best scenes (of your choice) from your 30’ min video!
  • Certificate of participation to each participant.
  • Gold, silver, bronze medals for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winner respectively for each category and diploma of the winner.
  • Gold, silver, bronze medals for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winner respectively to the big winners among the gold winners of each category
  • Special mentions medals:

the best innovation,

the best table presentation,

the best empathy,

the best flow,

the ‘’Art massage award’’

the best video pictures

  • Audience Award

The most likely 5 min video on YouTube (of the nonwinner videos)